Round The Horn represents a collective of artists, makers, and designers based in Kinghorn, Fife who regularly open their studios to the public.

Our aim is to promote the making of original works of art and craft and to make people more aware of the local creative talent within Kinghorn.

We are now into our 6th year and are in the midst of planning our next Round the Horn event in November. But that's not all we're planning. This year we're teaming up with The Ecology Centre to bring you something interesting and creative quite soon.

Round the Horn to guest at The Ecology Centre Festival 2017

This year, The Ecology Centre will be running their Summer Festival on Saturday 13th May from 12 - 4pm.

Round the Horn members are delighted to be taking part this year, thanks to funding from Kames Capital to allow us to engage more widely with our audience. Rather than just showing our artworks, we'll be running workshops and art events on location at the Lochside. With materials as diverse as handmade paper, plastic and ink, and activities such as carnival-themed sketching and live art, it's an exciting mixture which we look forward to sharing with you.

We'll also be working in collaboration with The Barn at the Loch, where workshops for adults will take place on Sunday 14th.

Check out for news as it unfolds as well as their facebook page. We've also listed all our workshops on this page on our website with information about each workshop and how to book places!

The Ecology Centre Summer Festival


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